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CCRP Research: Lessons from reflection sessions


An ongoing reflection session.

Do you invest your time to look back carefully at what you have been doing? If yes how often, personally, I only do that when I realise all is not well. This does not always help me because at times tracing the root to the problem is very hard and when I get lucky enough to know the situation can’t be corrected. Being a member of a team where we are all working towards the same goal has taught me otherwise. The fact that we have divided responsibility to enable efficiency and speed up work requires us to have a sitting weekly. This time is set aside to help the team look back and reflect on the activities they have carried out.

This is usually an open forum where the members are allowed to give their opinions on what they think is not working as per the plans and outcomes expected. This allows the whole team to re-examine the issues brought out and if it’s clear there is a need for a change it’s done for the best of the project. This allows us to avoid carrying forward mistakes as well as attain our objectives on time. We are also to continue investing our resources only on things that are worth.

During this session, we are also able to identify our strength and weaknesses as a team. This enables us to work maximally on our strength and this makes our weaknesses almost insignificant. The strength in this aspect I mean what is really working well for us. With all of us working to achieve the same goal we are able to identify different opportunities from the few weaknesses identified.

Being an open forum the members have a chance to raise issues that have arisen and had not been anticipated for. This allows the team to give suggestions on the same and prepare the whole team to adapt to the new changes. We also get reports concerning the field concerning the interactions between the team and the community. This helps us to know whether there are any changes that should be done to accommodate the community to ensure smooth interactions.

This has been a turning point for me personally. I have learnt to take time to reflect on my life often even when everything is ok. This has helped me to pre-determine the outcomes of my plans, thanks to the team.

Written by Judy Gathigia

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