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October 28th, 2016

Introducing technology in primary schools.

  Does the remoteness of a region really influence teaching and learning? Well, the answer depends on your view of remoteness, in this case, the remoteness here is viewed in the context of proximity to the nearest cities which other will call the slum or as you move to the countryside it is the villages.The […]

Technicalities in first time integration of technology in learning.

It is during this time that we see most stakeholders integrating technology in the education sector. Most schools are also making efforts to enlighten their teachers on appreciating this technology. This, however, comes with a lot of challenges or rather setbacks that counter the efforts which need to be addressed for it to be a […]

Improving literacy through the use of technology.

  Technology is arguably the single greatest brainchild of the human mind. This statement has been proven in its many applications such as the motor industry, banking sector, et cetera. It is, therefore, ironical that most educators, mostly in third world countries, have not embraced it. We have tried using android powered tablets in Wekhonye […]