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Technicalities in first time integration of technology in learning.

It is during this time that we see most stakeholders integrating technology in the education sector. Most schools are also making efforts to enlighten their teachers on appreciating this technology. This, however, comes with a lot of challenges or rather setbacks that counter the efforts which need to be addressed for it to be a success.

We were to have a session with the students over lunch hour for 30 minutes but on meeting the teacher who happens to be the head of department mathematics, it turned out to be a heated debate on introducing it to the students.

His argument was that though it was a good thing implementing it was going to be a challenge. He made emphasis on introducing it to rather primary school kids rather than high school students who have earlier interacted with the gadget at lower levels of learning. He claimed that almost all his students have only knowledge on using a calculator, the only electronic device they have interacted with in learning. He emphasized on actual teaching dismissing practical method of learning. He was also worried about the security of the gadgets in handing them to his students due to theft and further gave an example on how he actually wanted to give a practical example of reflection to his students using mirrors and they stole the mirrors.

This was quite a good learning experience for me on interaction with the teacher to get his point of view on this approach of learning mathematics. This is just but a representation of thousands of teachers across the world who are not yet convinced with this approach of learning.

My suggestion would be to organize workshops for teachers on integration of technology on learning. In this way, they would be able to appreciate the importance of this different approach and embrace it.

Written by

Cabrine Nyona

Intern, African Maths Initiative.


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