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CCRP Research: Lessons from reflection sessions

Do you invest your time to look back carefully at what you have been doing? If yes how often, personally, I only do that when I realise all is not well. This does not always help me because at times tracing the root to the problem is very hard and when I get lucky enough […]

CCRP Research: Realities in the Field

The first day out in the field had mixed feelings both excitement and uneasiness. I was excited I would finally put all the practice and preparation I had done into place. But on the other side, I didn’t know what was on the ground. I was not the only one feeling this way; this was […]

CCRP Research: Practical lesson for Primary School Pupils

It is quite good to be emulated with the primary school-going generation. Our presence at Tuyoo Kony primary school brought optimism among the standard seven pupils. A large number looks forward to working hard in their class work at least to clinch the secondary education and later university education. Speaking to the pupils on his […]

Experiences in an Interdiscplinary Field Research.

  Over the past two weeks, I have been involved in a research that is still ongoing and I just find it amazing. We are trying to find out different farming systems and feeding modes amongst smallholder farmers. This is focusing on Trans Nzoia county and its first phase is to last for the next […]

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