Changing roles

AMI looks very different compared to 12 months ago. We now have an office, the team has expanded to include five interns working full time, and several others are involved part time as student volunteers. I'm really happy to see this progress.

And for me, personally, my role has also changed. As well as shifting from the work with schools and universities to focus more on statistical programming, I now have responsibilities across the team that mean I don't just focus on my own work.

I like this new role a lot because I'm learning by being involved in the day to day running of AMI. Most important to me, I'm involved in all of AMI's activities. So even though my own work is mostly in one area, I'm still in touch with everything else that AMI does with schools, universities and beyond. This broad range of work is what has always interested and excited me. My shifting role, however, has also come with challenges.

The first meeting with the new AMI team.

Before, I was only responsible for getting my own work done, but now, I have a responsibility to make sure people complete their work as well. This means that I'm not completely in control of my daily schedule as I often interrupt my work when I'm needed for a discussion or to help someone. I've struggled to stay as productive as I would like when I'm dipping in and out of work and this is something I'll have to adapt to and improve on.

It requires patience to invest time in people, and management skills which I'm having to learn fast. Finding the balance between motivation and criticism is difficult and I'm learning that each person reacts differently to your feedback. The effects of this will only appear in the long term, but the rewards will be high when you see the development of the people you're working with.

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Date: Sunday, 4. October 2015 9:32
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