20/02/2015 - First impressions at the beginning of role plays.

First session with students on preparation of role plays - 4 and half hours!!!!!!

So here is the summary (because I'm too excited to self-contain!): We started preparing role-plays based on the papers I have given them, these are very good journal papers on e.g. the impact of missionaries & colonialism on local populations, the failure of a micro-finance program in a village in India, the link between democracy and violence, decentralisation of natural resources & disregard of local institutions in Malawi, slums upgrading and elite-appropriation in Nairobi, etc. By the end of the session they had had a first red of the paper, and started thinking of which roles should be played in the role-play (the characters and their role). I gave them 10 minutes break at 10:20 and two groups stayed to work. Most of them are really involved and see how much they can learn and enjoy this, so I'm very happy.

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