26/02/2015 - Fourth year students and ODK

The fourth year students have now set up ODK on their mobile phones, the aim is to run a short survey on risk behaviour in the area of Maseno/Luanda/Kisumu. The survey was designed with the students, and does not take more than 5 minutes of participants' time.

John, a fourth year student from Kenyatta University and currently involved with AMI was very helpful during the process.  He accepted to take the lead of the ODK session with my students while Hannington was unable to come, and Danny and the other guys at AMI were busy. And he did really well, in explaining while at the same time helping the students at each step.

I threw him into this late the night before, when I asked him to prepare the session and replace Hannington. I later got to know that he went to sleep at 1 am, after reading carefully the ODK tutorial, which was all he could do off-line. This morning he worked on ODK independently, and under the pressure of having to deliver a session at 2 pm. He basically learnt by teaching to himself in half a day.
I am impressed by his determination and boldness!


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