23/09/2014 – First session with first year students

Around 180 students present, not everyone is there. We start 1:45 pm, at 4 pm we are still talking, but they will soon leave. The first student sent an email to get the invitation to the Dropbox folder at 3:20 pm. But he is not the only one to send it before we actually finish, 12 do so. And I won't count those who have been sending emails since.

I can't describe the feeling of actually being communicating with 180 students. There was real listening and participation up to the last rows. It will be hard work, the challenge is to keep it up for two hours. But there seem to be a way and I am going to improve on the materials I had already prepared starting from now.

I am learning a lot, and though it is hard work it pays back hundred times more.

A long day, and what a treat to come back home and find that power is there, and I can have a shower and drink cool water.

I'm grateful and happy.

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