18/03/2015 - Students' analysis of the data collected with ODK

On the last week of the semester, when most lecturers have already "concluded" their sessions, all students are present for this classes - In itself a great achievement.

Fourth year students come to work together on the data they collected using ODK, a short survey on people's time-(in)consistent preferences.  We have a good record of 468 interviews. Danny and John provide their valuable support, and by the end of the session the students know how to use Excel pivot tables and charts to show statistics and trends, and understand the data.  They compete for marks, but it is clear that what they enjoy most is to come out show to the class what they found out from the data.

At the end of the session I mention that data collection is still open and the students have the opportunity to collect more data within the week - Although I do not expect them to engage more with this work, since they are busy revising for their exams that will start two days later.

But, as sometimes still happens I misjudge what drives them, and by the end of the following day, we hit 490.

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