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20/03/2015 - Students' riots

On the first day of exams, students are demonstrating.  It appears that even thought they cleared their fees they have not received the exam cards that they need in order to sit in the exams. They also claim they have not been given enough time to prepare for the exams. In fact, due to incumbent Easter vacation, exams have started at the end of the last week of the semester.100_2906

The situation has been complicated at the beginning of the semester by the fact that (as per routine) most classes start only during week 3 of the term, due to delays in the Administration but also to general disengagement by some of the lecturers.

To face the situation, the University has asked for the intervention of the Police armed with guns and tier gases. And students react throwing stones.100_2897

Hard to see this, difficult to believe that this is the only way to deal with students' protests, and hard to think that there will be a positive follow-up where the University will engage in discussions with the students.

Today, we should reflect on the quality of the service we are providing to students, and how to learn to listen and understand their needs, and discuss with them having at core their interest.