What we do at AMI

we are involved in different activities like visiting schools,learning more on computers and playing mathematics related games like;playing cards. On school visits we goes to schools like Bishop Abiero girls, Ebusakami girls high school and Kisumu Girls High school. The main thing we do at the schools is trying to challenge the students that mathematics is not all about calculation but the strategy .This for real has helped the students improve on performance in mathematics .It is always known that ladies do perform poorer in mathematics and that is what we are trying to do away with because we believe that both genders can do best in mathematics.

6 thoughts on “What we do at AMI”

  1. Good to see what you are doing. Why do you think it is that focussing on the strategy rather that then calculation is helping improve the student performance?

    1. Anyone can just scrabble anything in the name of calculation without thinking and that does not help and that is why we encourage use of strategy since that help the student to understand the concept of what is needed in the calculation

  2. Well done for trying to make a difference in girls' perception of mathematics. It's amazing for girls to have such a positive role model visiting them in school. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job! I think that it is important to keep working with students at the schools that we were visiting last fall. You can continue to show them that mathematics is much more than what they have been learning in their classes. You can help to show them how to approach new problems and how to think strategically.

    And, as girls, you can help to change the perception that they may have that math is only for boys. There is no reason that girls can't do as well (or better) than boys in math.

    1. Sure I am enjoying working with students and it is a great opportunity to be a role model to the girls to show them that mathematics is the most interesting subject in schools.

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