session at Bishop Abiero Girls

Wow, I really like working with students. on 10th we visited a school by name Bishop Abiero Girls were I Came to learn that it is true that practice make something perfect. We have been encouraging the students to strategies on every sum they do. I was happy to see them progress on using strategy. The session was cool since the girls were really coperative and were willing to try. I believe that that is an indication that they have realized that mathematics is not all about calculation and that they now have realized that mathematics can be done by both genders.Photo-0004

3 thoughts on “session at Bishop Abiero Girls”

  1. Great to hear you enjoyed visiting your old school. I hope with role models like you and a bit of support they can improve their maths performance to the stage that it no longer limits their future opportunities. I know how hard you had to work in that environment and have not had the chance to congratulate you for you excellent result in KCSE, I believe you got a B in Maths that's amazing!!! Really well done you should be very proud!

    1. Thank you so much, sure I got B in Mathematics and it was a real struggle anyway I enjoye mathematics and now that am with AMI I am stil enjoying mathematics so much and thanks I say to AMI.

  2. Well done Agnes on so many things! Well done with your excellent maths result, and on now being an inspiration to younger students. Well done on making such a great start with AMI. Great to have these updates of how you are getting on.

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