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Views of students on mathematics

Most students views mathematics as so difficult to learn. They even believe it is the most diffucult subject in school.They give up so quick in calculations instead of strategizing , which am sure will help them understand the sums. I think it is not wrong when I say that students believe on myths that , maths is difficult.I really believe trying the sum is the best way to learn math. My main worry is that ; when will stundents stop believing on myths and start believing on realities.....?

session at Bishop Abiero Girls

Wow, I really like working with students. on 10th we visited a school by name Bishop Abiero Girls were I Came to learn that it is true that practice make something perfect. We have been encouraging the students to strategies on every sum they do. I was happy to see them progress on using strategy. The session was cool since the girls were really coperative and were willing to try. I believe that that is an indication that they have realized that mathematics is not all about calculation and that they now have realized that mathematics can be done by both genders.Photo-0004

What we do at AMI

we are involved in different activities like visiting schools,learning more on computers and playing mathematics related games like;playing cards. On school visits we goes to schools like Bishop Abiero girls, Ebusakami girls high school and Kisumu Girls High school. The main thing we do at the schools is trying to challenge the students that mathematics is not all about calculation but the strategy .This for real has helped the students improve on performance in mathematics .It is always known that ladies do perform poorer in mathematics and that is what we are trying to do away with because we believe that both genders can do best in mathematics.