The school visits basically revolves around several activities and ideas that are done with the students.School visits are meant to give the students a platform to showcase their brilliant ideas and mathematical techniques hence solving some problems and giving proof to answers.Schools visits are done on Tuesday and Thursday.The schools visited so far include Ebusakami High School,Kisumu Girls High School and Bishop Abiero Girls High School.The visit is done by the African Maths Initiative team and during the math sessions the facilitator presides over the session aided by volunteers who supervise the students and correct their errors.A general introduction is made of the subject matter,clarification is also done and a conclusion made within the time limit of one hour.Students are also given a chance to ask questions to clear their doubts and assignments may be given for better understanding and practice.At the end of it all,a lot is achieved because a positive impact is made and a growing interest in mathematics is portrayed hence the students improve their grades.

2 thoughts on “GENERAL SCHOOL VISITS.”

  1. It's good to see you're enjoying the school visits. What is it that you think is leading to the growing interest in Mathematics you are talking about?

    1. What I think is that the discovery of having a strategy and thinking first before tackling a math problem makes one appreciate mathematics.

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