Nurturing Talents through Computer Programming in Africa

I remember, while I was a high school student at Nyang’ori Boys High School used to respect guys taking computer studies for no reasons. Why? There is a notion created by a set of people in the society that learning how computers work is hard. What really is computer programming which is better known as Programming? Wikipedia explains it as “a process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable computer programs”.

I think this a bit harder for a beginner to comprehend. Personally, I would describe programming as giving a computer a set of Instructions that is aimed at solving problems. From my definition, Programming is then driven by innovations, creativity and surrounding problems.
I first came across serious programming while working as a volunteer at AMI. This was mostly R programming and other set of Programming languages such as Python. It is due to this that I was pushed to research more about programming and its effects to the society and currently working on the Climsoft project. This project has enabled me to interact with Visual Basic.Net a lot and it has really helped me build my programming skills and passion too. In fact the task on mapping using was one of the best throughout the period.
Also, when I was watching a documentary about Google and saw kids being introduced to programming I got excited. Even my favorite music artist, Black Eyed Peas, mentioned in that video that everybody must learn how to read and write codes which I thought was a very good idea. He ended up saying that he had enrolled for programming sessions.
Talents then can be best nurtured through programming since one is trained on how to think creatively, critically and abstractly, which boost innovation in society. To borrow some information from Maseno Math Camp 2015, students were introduced to Scratch. They used scratch to come up with games after which they had to play and enjoy. Also, the end of camp survey report showed that most students liked the computer sessions and I think this is the way to go Lastly, University students had a construct 2 sessions at AMI offices to create simple mathematics games for Kids and many of them really liked the Idea. I was really happy since I was among the guys who organized the event. . Such sessions are supposed to be carried out frequently to see students excel both academically and talent wise.
Although, we have drawbacks in Africa created by inadequate or lack of resources, we must use the resources we have to improve the state of education, knowledge and our countries’ economies. Economies are driven by both talented and knowledgeable scholars and Computer programming can help achieve these.

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