Immigration Officers, a Menace to the Country’s Economic Growth and Development

These are the guys who could be trusted to take good care of both citizens and visitors, ensure that the country is secure and that the activities at the border are running efficiently. But this is not the case more so in developing countries like Kenya.

When I went to apply for my passport at Kisumu, I learned a lot about poor customer care at Immigration offices. These guys, instead of serving you are guiding you to make mistakes. These mistakes are meant to make you give them something small. The same case was observed at the border.

Before, I thought this a problem affecting only Kenya but then I reached the Tanzania side during my AMI visit for an inception meeting with the Missing tool project team. Here, you are not supposed to queue if you have some small cash. Give them something and you will be served very fast. . Also, when I reached AIMS Tanzania, It was the same case when I tried to share my experience with a certain lady from Nigeria. She said when you go to apply for a passport, charges are discriminated. Haha, she reminded me of First, Second and Third degree Market discrimination knowledge I acquired at Kenyatta University where I did my undergraduate.

But this is not market discrimination neither is it monopoly but clear Corruption cases which are pulling Africa’s development backward. Africa cannot develop with such level of corruption. I don’t blame the government but individuals. Corruption is a state of mind and is mostly experienced when the gap between haves and have-nots is very big.

To get rid of corruption one should:

Learn to be honest: This can be achieved through trusting yourself and learning to do things on your own under minimum supervision.

Be patriotic: A sense of patriotism makes one to avoid breaking the rules set by the law

Lastly, Be respectful. No one will ask for bribe if she/he is truly respectful.

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