Publishing a research paper

It got me thinking recently,My mentor, a health scientist publishes research papers on HIV, Malaria and TB. He travels the world attending conferences and presenting his publications. I admire his life so much that I have gained interest in research and publishing.

During my first attachment, I used to collect data twice a week by weighing 320 chicks put in 4 blocks each assigned to a specific amount of an amino acid. The experiment was to study the effect of the amino acid on growth of chicks during their first 4 weeks after they are hatched. During my second attachment, I was studying the effect of fertilizer and pesticides on the overall yield and disease attack of various legumes. On my third attachment, I was evaluating maize variety that is most favorable to grow in the Western Kenya climate. All scientists I worked with used statistics knowledge in the designing the study, collecting data, analyzing the data and presenting the findings. From these experiences what I gathered was that in order to publish a research paper, I needed to study and research on HIV, Malaria, TB, chicken, legumes or maize, generate data, then use my statistics knowledge to correlate, regress, generate models and graphs then publish.

Thing are different now. I am neither using a rain gauge, thermometer or the whole weather station to collect climate data nor studying climate phenomena. I am documenting on functions from R codes meant to be used in analysis of climate data.

I now know that as a statistician, I can generate codes and functions for analysis of HIV, Malaria, TB, chicken, legumes, maizeā€¦data and publish a research paper.


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