Hello World,

I am lost of words for the catchy entry into the blogging world. I therefore have opted to introduce who I am an my interests first.

I am an employee of Maseno University, where I also am just finishing my MSc in Applied Statistics. I just completed my thesis which was on climate research - rainfall was the experimental unit. The thesis sought to find out how similar (or dissimilar)  crop yields will be in case climate change affected only rainfall amount or affected the rainfall distribution in similar proportion. For the study, I acquired fifty years of historical rainfall data for Makindu, created climate change scenarios and a used a crop simulation model called Agricultural Production System sIMulator (APSIM) for to simulate maize yields.

I also work with a number of colleagues from Maseno University and elsewhere to excite high school students and teachers about Maths. To do so, we host maths camps and also visit schools for mini maths camps.You can get an idea from this blog about a recent mini maths camp. I will be blogging about them with time...stay tuned.

My passion is to be a good statistician by international standards. I will be sharing my learning experiences here so that even you can get a chance to also see my progression. It will be fun having someone to walk with along the way.

See you online.



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