Hello world,

I have been granted this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the University of Reading in the Uk. I have therefore started a category on the trip and nested it on the category under my name. I will be sharing here some of the things I will be learning in the course of days for the six weeks I will be at Reading.

One of the main reasons I am here is to develop a Module on Crop Modelling. I will be to start off by preparing a structure containing the skills a student should have attained at the end of each topic. This I will present to the person I report to here ASAP and a few other interested individuals so I can get feedback.

What am happiest about being here is to learn. I have been assigned a "tutor" who will volunteer his time in order to help my sharpen my statistical skills. He will focus on the bigger picture on topics related to Variability, modelling, study design under sampling and experimental researches and also on how to conduct participatory work from a statistician's point of view.

I am here to also learn under a wonderful lady more about data management. She has been into data management for over 20 years, proficient with MS Access, Excel, CS Pro and other software that enable cloud sharing of data.

I will also work with some two guys, almost my age. The first is a Statistician who we shall learn more on crop modelling together. We shall work using Agricultural Production Sytem sIMulator (APSIM) for crop yield simulations and with Weatherman for filling missing climate data. Since he is good at R, I will try and learn more about its routines so I an apply in climatic work.

The  other person is an artist, plays well ukulele (which I hope he will get to teach me more on). Together we shall work on how to improve the orientation to eLearning that SSC gives. From the start, we shall be looking at the actual role a facilitator should be given, aiming to minimize the time spent on facilitation but ensure students get the most out of the orientation.

I am also hoping to have a paper out soon on the project I worked on for my thesis. The work I did for my masters thesis will be extended and be useful for my PhD - still thinking about it. My stay here will help facilitate completion of the paper and initiate a draft of a concept note for my PhD.

Finally, I am to have fun. Today has been a relatively cold day. I hope next Sunday will be warm. I have plans to visit London at the time.

More will be posted soon, keep reading.



4 Responses to First day at Reading (SSC)

  1. Hannington says:

    That is nice, please keep us updated.

  2. Andradez says:

    Hello there. I discovered your own website your online. A great report. Let me make sure you take a note of the idea and also come back to get more info of one's tips. We appreciate you your submit. it's going to undoubtedly go back.

  3. tom denton says:

    Hey, Thomas!
    Thanks for writing updates from Reading! Keep it up!
    By the way, if you have a way to take some pictures, it would be great to include one at the top of the post so we can see where you're at. Hope all is well!


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