Maseno University offers a number of diploma and degree programs via e-learning. Usually, there is a mandatory orientation process for all new students.

Unlike in Kenya, Uk has a higher population very well versed with internet and therefore the orientation as we have been running it in Maseno would not be ideal for students from here. I am currently working with a very bright person, re-inventing an orientation that will:

  • Sieve the students who need orientation from those who don't
  • Require minimum facilitation time

In the Maseno orientation, facilitators were useful for grading and we are here trying to remove all manual grading. We have opted for quizzes yet at the same time ensure that students finish all the tasks involved.

Students will get to open topics by themselves and only send a message to a facilitator once done requesting for enrollment into the main course.

We have planned to use a number of one and a half minute video tutorials and we have just made a first one - teaching students how to open topics. In the process, we came to find that Camtasia can be used to set up quizzes in the middle of a video. I think that having a quiz at the centre of it can get students to learn the concepts we want them to get even in the middle of a video. And finally, we noticed that with the quizzes, one can be able to add them in Moodle where they can be graded automatically as an activity...

I hope to attempt this soon.



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