This was a peculiar mini maths camp where we went to a students’ educational camp. We had a full day session, unlike the half-day session we usually have when we visit schools.  The organizer, Annette, had raised the tempo for us by promising the campers that by the end of the day, those who hate maths will love it. I am confident that the activities we did excited them about maths and for that I am proud.

The day was split into the morning, mid-morning and afternoon sessions. The former two were two hour sessions and the last one three. We had an unexpected extra half day for just dialoguing with the students about importance and joy of maths.

We had planned to have a game (or puzzle) in each session for an hour, and a computer (ing) session in the remaining hour. During the first computer sessions, the campers were introduced to Geometry and Algebra using Geogebra. The Monty hall game was done in the second session and was useful to introduce the concept of proportion, probability and data. CAST (Computer Assisted Statistics Textbooks) was then used to take them further into statistics. With it they explored the properties of mean and median.

The concept of transforming a “complex” math problem and looking at it in a simpler form was done taught using game 15 and tic-tac-toe. In the remainder of the evening session, we did a math puzzle which employed the concept of odds and evens in order to save captives.

On Sunday morning (second day), we had only planned to say goodbye. The students had a couple of questions and as we responded, it was revealed to them that they will be expected to teach standard 7 pupils standard 1 maths. It was very lovely watching them practice how they would go about introducing the concept of multiplication, using toys and not the blackboard.

The next mini maths camp will be on 29th at the same venue. This time around, the camp will run till 6.30 pm not 5.00 pm. I am already looking forward to it.



3 Responses to Amagoro mini-maths camp (15th and 16th Dec 2012)

  1. phillisalosa says:

    that was a good one Thomas!

  2. maroa sammy maroa says:

    update us plz over 2013 math camp

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