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Paul Kangogo, the writer.

With an all time high score of a moderated 100% in mathematics during my KCPE, I set out to high school. I was a mere 12 year old who never really cherished any form of calculations unless it was cash related. Having grown up in a business oriented setting this was extremely weird.

With no passion for mathematics at all, my first year was marred with terrible results that I had never even thought I could ever get. Were this the results my parents were to see? With every resolve I made to work harder, the less I did to make it true. I was in my comfort zone and in no nudge to leave it. I thought it was the worst after the first year. The second year was worse. My grades slipped terribly to E's. I did not work had to get out of this situation. Luckily, I got to know about a maths camp in Maseno organized by African Maths Initiative from my parents who advised me to attend it. I went not because I wanted to go but because my parents insisted I should attend the camp. The week was full of fun activities related to mathematics and there was also good accommodation at the camp. There was good food too :-).A soldier matches by his stomach they say.

The experience at the camp was an eye opener. The Maths that we dealt with was fun. Initially, the application, part of it was hard. With time, all I needed to change was my attitude towards mathematics. My results didn't rocket all of a sudden. It took time to make improvements in my mathematics scores but the end result is what mattered. Due to my change in attitude I was able to learn better, understand better and get better results.

My overall scores improved alongside math scores. I can attribute this to maseno math camp of 2013. After four years in high school I got the grade I always wanted and worked hard for. I had an A plain. That was after I changed my attitude towards mathematics. This was not a punishment but a case of conviction. It helped me in the great run towards better grades.

Math is fun. Let's all love mathematics because math is fun and after all its the core of each course we want to take.

Written by Paul Kangogo


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