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Calculus II

Instructor: John Agure Ogonji
Assisted by: Tom Denton
Meeting Times: Thursday, 11:30-1:30a; Friday 9:15-11:15a
Computer Lab Open Hours: Monday 9-11a, Wednesday 3-5p


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  1. MIT Open Calculus Text
    An excellent and very extensive set of calculus notes.  Note the Equation List, and that there are notes (not necessarily in the same order) for most or all topics to be discussed in class.
  2. Khan Academy: Calculus
    The Khan Academy has short, topical videos on many, many topics in mathematics, including calculus.  If you're unclear on a concept, it is a good idea to try watching the Khan Academy video to achieve a better understanding.
  3. Jason Grout's webpage has links to a number of free calculus textbooks.

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    I do just take this opportunity to really thank and appreciate your wonderfully work.God bless you so much.I really enjoyed doing mathematics online.Wish you the very best as we hope much more to come.

    thank you alot.

  2. Denis nyambane says:

    wow! its cool working with webwork.It as given as new experience and perspective of what IT entails. look forward doing CATS and other assignments not only in math courses but all courses


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Some Maths Links

Vi Hart - Hyperactive videos about beautiful math concepts. Snowdecahedron - A mathematical art installation. Tau - An alternative to pi. BBC Brief History of Math - A Documentary. John Baez - A maths superhero.
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