Young Bertrand Russell solves a geometry problem.

Young Bertrand Russell solves a geometry problem.

Linear Algebra

May, 2013

Course Information

  • Instructor: Esekon
  • Tech Support: Tom Denton, Victoria Mokua
  • Meeting Times and Place: TBA


CAT marks for this course will be condensed from online homework scores.  The online homework will be given through the WeBWorK system.  It is vital that students make sure that they can log into the system as soon as possible.  We plan to have at least six full assignments; each will be released with one week in which to work.

To register for the WeBWorK system, click here.  (Please note that the registration is then entered by a person into the WebWork system.  It may take a day or two between entering your information and when you can log in.)

You can access the webwork page by clicking here:



The first 'big' assignment (Test1) was accidentally set to close at 11:59am instead of 11:59 pm, and has been extended to midnight on Friday.

Learning Resources

It is important in mathematics to have a variety of resources available.  In addition to the primary text and lecture notes, if you don't understand a concept, it is useful to have other books and videos to work with.

 A Note on the Comments Section

We'll be approving comments to appear below, but will only allow comments which ask questions that haven't been already answered.  Comments like 'This is great!' won't be approved, for example, though we appreciate your enthusiasm!




20 Responses to Linear Algebra

  1. felix says:

    i am trying, but can't locate the log in button.

  2. Cherotich Hellen. says:

    I have a problem in logging in.

    • tom denton says:

      For anyone having trouble logging in:
      We've added everyone who registered by Friday, May 24th. We'll continue adding people who register, but it may take up to a day for your account to work after submitting the form. If you've registered and your webwork account still doesn't work, then there was probably a problem in the email address or registration number you gave us; leave a comment here or send an email and we'll try to figure out the problem.

  3. Dennis kiprono says:

    Hi Tom Denton,I have logged in successfully,next step?

    • tom denton says:

      After you've logged in, you should see a list of homework sets; it should consist of a single link for now: "Start-up problems". Try out the two problems in the set; try out the problems in the set. You'll have three chances to get each problem correct.

      Note: It's also a good idea to hit 'preview answers' and carefully check that what it shows in the preview is what you meant to type. It doesn't matter much this week, but the difference between typing, say, 'x^3y' and 'x^(3y)' is a right or wrong answer. Once you've previewed your answer, hit 'submit answers' to submit them to the system. It will tell you whether you were right or wrong (and which parts are right and wrong), and then you can try again, if needed.

      Good luck!

  4. Kamadi Mudeli Silvier says:

    By when should we be completing the 1ST CAT please?

    • tom denton says:

      The structure will be: This first set is very small, intended to make sure you can log in and use the system. It's worth 1 of the 30 CAT points. We'll post up to six homework sets during the course of the term, which will be a bit longer. They'll each be worth 5 points towards your CAT mark.

      The first assignment (log in and try the start-up problems) is due Wednesday at midnight.

  5. tom denton says:

    I'm adding new people about once a day. If you haven't given exactly the same student number and email address that you provided when you registered, then you won't be able to log in!

  6. tom denton says:

    To register, you have to follow this link. I think you somehow found your way into this website's registration process; I've now made it harder to make that mistake.

  7. hii tom y s t that u decided to give me three attempts only? l culd av got all sums. but plz check my work and send me the remedies to those problems l failt. i promise next time l wil get 100%.

    • tom denton says:

      Basically, when infinite attempts are given, it encourages people to just plug in numbers until they get something right. With three attempts there's a chance to get something wrong, correct yourself, and maybe look for help and still be able to learn from the process.

      Keep in mind that in a normal CAT or homework situation, you only get one try!!!!

  8. victor mutua says:

    Hi Tom just to ask how much will these exercises account towards one cat marks

    • tom denton says:

      Hi, Victor;

      The online assignments will count for the whole of the CAT mark. The first assignment was only for 1 point, and was made to ensure that everyone could log in before we started giving a 'real' workload; the remaining 29 points will be divided amongst the remaining assignments.

  9. TONNY says:

    Being that i didn't use all my attempts,so will u carry them forward

  10. Vincent says:

    Is there any possibility that the answers can be opened after the deadline.

  11. james says:

    y dd u close the site before one week is over i thot you were closing it at midnight,,can u pliz reopen it

    • tom denton says:

      Hi, James; We accidentally set the closing time to 'am' instead of 'pm' on that assignment. We've extended the assignment to Friday at midnight. I apologize for the difficulty.

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