Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein debate the foundations of mathematics.

Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein debate the foundations of mathematics.

Mathematics 1

Course instructor:Mrs Victoria Mokua

This is the course webpage for Mathematics 1 for the September-December, 2013 First year class of Maseno University.

Please check on it often so as to access most of the resources for learning this course this trimester.


About Mathematics 1

Mathematics 1 is an elementary Mathematics course offered to non-mathematics students of Maseno university. The course aims at equipping these students with basic skills in mathematics, applicable to the disciplines they are pursuing. The following is the course content:

  1. Trigonometric ratios and applications, trigonometric functions and their graphs. The radian and degree measure.
  2. Permutation and combinations
  3. Binomial theorem and its applications
  4. Indices and logarithms.
  5. Quadratic expressions, equations, functions and their solutions. Remainder theorem.
  6. Arithmetic and Geometric series(sequences)
  7. Compound and simple interest.
  8. Statistics and probability
  9. Surds

Instructions on the online CAT

Before you embark on the CAT remember that your login name is your email address and your password is your admission number.

You can access WeBWork by clicking below:


Course assessment

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Best wishes in your exams. God bless you all.









5 Responses to SMA 106:Mathematics 1

  1. Lekenke Jacob says:

    I really love maths.I am doing earth sci but I did not choose it,I wanted to do,with IT).I know very well that I can make in that course but because my cluster points can't allow me though because of other subjects.I got 65 points with maths A (plain).I wish if I could change,because my heart will open to glory because I have never accepted to be away from maths.Please help

  2. kamau purity wanjiku says:

    maths is such a nice subject

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