SMA: 107 Mathematics II

Course instructors:

Mrs Victoria Mokua and Mr. Donnie Munyao

This is the course webpage for Mathematics II for the May-August, 2013/2014 first year, second semester class of Maseno University. Please check on it often so as to access most of the resources for learning this course.

About Mathematics II

Mathematics II is an elementary service Mathematics course offered to students of Maseno University.

Course Aim

The course aims at equipping these students with basic skills in mathematics, applicable to the disciplines they are pursuing.

It is also expected to equip the students with creative and critical problem solving skills which are useful in day to day livelihood.

We thus try to make the course as much applicable as we can.

Course Content

The following content shall be covered:

  1. Topic 1: Sets
  2. Topic 2: Numbers
  3. Topic 3: Functions
  4. Topic 4: Limits and Continuity
  5. Topic 5: Differentiation and Introduction to Integration.


Resources for learning

Resources for topic 1: Sets

  1. Slides on Topic 1-sets
  2. Slides on sets
  3. Set theory videos

Resources for topic 2: Numbers

  1. Video on irrational numbers

Some useful site/resources

  1. Khan academy
  2. Tutor-web
  3. Tutor-web notes

Assessment and Assignments

Instructions on the online CAT

Before you embark on the CAT remember that your login name is your email address and your password is your admission number.

You can access WeBWork by clicking below:

WeBWork for MMA 107: Mathematics II

Once the link opens, choose your CAT 1 called MMA 107 CAT 1-SETS AND NUMBERS






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Some Maths Links

Vi Hart - Hyperactive videos about beautiful math concepts. Snowdecahedron - A mathematical art installation. Tau - An alternative to pi. BBC Brief History of Math - A Documentary. John Baez - A maths superhero.
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