David Hilbert was one of the most important figures int he development of analysis.  He also had an excellent hat.

David Hilbert was one of the most important figures int he development of analysis. He also had an excellent hat.

The following are books which cover the content in this course.  Any of the books should be fine, and in fact, it is a good policy to have more than one place to learn from.  You can find sample chapters of these books on the internet; we'll make links available where possible and legal.

  1.  Walter Rudin: Principles of Mathematical Analysis
  2. Kolmogorov, Fomin, Richard :Introductory real analysis
  3. Stephen Abbott: Understanding Analysis
  4. Charalambos D. Aliprantis:Principles of real analysis
  5. Marsden J.E: Elementary classical Analysis



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    Good work done with a lot of initiative,keep up keep the fire burning.

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    Dr you doing some great job,

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    Nice to see ,some devlpmnt in maseno.maths dept

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    excellent work tom, you are actually making us practice the IT being offered in this institution to the better. continue with that spirit.thanks and may the almighty reward you

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    thanks tom you have made learning abit easy

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    Your sacrifice and initiative is commendable.Keep it up.

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    This is great! I appreciate all this

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  14. Congrats Madam Victoria for assessing us through video making that facilitated the mastery and understanding of various concepts in SMA 208 in search of concepts to record as video. Kudos for your commendable work. Keep it up!

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    accredible work done, learning is becomes easier

  16. Congrax dr for initiatng the blog..

  17. splendid approach to mathematics

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    An incredible work you have done

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    I appreciate the work that the department is doing towards using video as one of the learning materials.

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    Video way s a beta way of understanding concepts

  21. The SMA 208 has been very interesting during the learning in class.most of incredible work was covered well and the course ended in good time for student to study and revise.madam victoria a great job you have done.great job done well.thanx

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  23. this is great i appreciate

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