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Between the introductions from the team we hope the message comes across that maths is something you can enjoy, it is a subject that you can get 100% in at school, there is so much more to mathematics than what you learn in school, computers have changed the way we do maths and computers can be used to learn mathematics.

Introduction to Maseno Maths Camp

19th -25th August

Learn how maths is used in the real world.
The beauty of mathematics - more than calculations
A whole week with access to computers.
Learn how to use new software.
Meet mathematicians and teachers from different countries.
Card games every evening


Shall we play a game? (obligatory joke about not bringing sports kit as the word 'game' is mainly used in a sports context)

Play 21's at the front and then ask students to play

What has this got to do with maths?  Maths is all about learning the rules.

First session

Monty Hall game.  Introduce the game (using three cards, one of which is 'good').  Have a couple of students come up and play and then take a vote on whether it is better to switch or stick, or whether it makes no difference.

Collect evidence for both strategies by having all students play the game and record what happened (e.g switched and lost) on a blackboard.

Discuss proportions and then take another vote.

Go through a mathematical proof with students of why it is better to switch.

Take another vote, and if students still not convinced repeat the game but with lots more bad cards.

Second session

Geogebra session – showing students how to animate fish using polygon, slider, rotate (if time and enough computers, help students to do this themselves).

Then show one made earlier.

Show clip of seagulls (mine) in Finding Nemo.

What has this got to do with maths?

Discuss how cartoons used to be made – hand drawn, 24 frames per second.

Now done using computers, modelling

Mathematica clip of human animation

Show section of Steven Stogatz TED talk on swarming.

Go through the four rules needed to model flocks of birds.


Talk at end

Demonstrate CAST software using "Is the average Kenyan salary higher, lower or the same as the salary of the average Kenyan?"

Demonstrate Gapminder by talking about the last two hundred years in four minutes.  (Like Hans Rosling does in his TED talk).  Highlight Kenya, and discuss how Vision 2030 grew out of this software.  Show how change is possible by highlighting countries like South Korea.

Talk more about Maseno maths camp, show the website which gives information on:

Applying online
Selection process - our only criteria is to ensure diversity in the following areas: gender, school type, school location, age
What to expect
Puzzles to try out each week
Example of a puzzle

Would you prefer 1000 shillings for pocket money for a month, or a shilling on the first day of the month that doubled every day for a month.

When considered correctly, puzzles and games are maths.

Leaving behind puzzles and ideas for games with teachers and emphasis that playing games in maths clubs will help with the mathematics in class.

Ask students to apply online for the Maseno Maths Camp.

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