Student Journals from Maseno Maths Camp, 2012

This year we had a couple different streams of feedback from the students.  We gave an entry questionnaire, and a second half way through the week; we should post some of the data as soon as it's collected!  We also had the students writing (optional) journal entries detailing their experience of the camp.  The free-form responses are valuable in that they can communicate things we didn't cover in our questionnaires, and flesh out the questions that we did ask.  They also provide some good testimonials!

Instead of spamming the front page of the blog with a few hundred such journal entries, we've put them in some separate posts, which you can view here:

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Date: Wednesday, 29. August 2012 18:33
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    Great work. A'v been reading the journals and they tell it all. This is a great initiative,really inspiring.Thumbs up.

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    Thumbs up love your work David and Tom kindly would you posting some mathematics in my address to make it even easier to understand

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