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The reality!

Sunday, 19. February 2012 17:36

So last Thursday saw us at Rang'ala Girls High School near Ugunja, and for the last two days (three if you include being in a broken down car!) we've been in Kisii visiting four schools  - St Stephens Nyamware S.S., Riondong'a High School, Gianchere Friends S.S and Boruma S.S.

They are very different schools with different facilities - one with the no power and the rest with varying number of computers. Interestingly the one with no power has computers ready for when they do get power. We have interacted with a varying number of students in each school but our cumulative total of students so far is over 1300 students.

This, and other factors such as power cuts, room dynamics, projector issues, and changes in our team has meant that our program has varied greatly from school to school - I don't think any session as gone according to the program! - but we think the key messages have come across.

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