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Monday, 30. January 2012 13:33

We used Geogebra to allow the students to create geometrical functions, and see the links between geometry and algebra.

One activity used this starting point in Geogebra:


and asked the students to plot all the points that were equidistant from the line and the point.  It is set up so that the students create y=x^2.

The students had a lesson on spherical geometry - showing them that the angles in a triangle do not always add up to 180, and a lecture on reflectional symmetry in euclidean geometry, spherical geometry and hyperbolic geometry.

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Number systems

Sunday, 29. January 2012 13:14

This theme grew from the film "The Story of 1" narrated by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, which we showed the students in the middle of the week.  We looked at counting in binary, helped by the Mathematica applets Binary Card Game (you may have seen this in a Christmas cracker!), Counting in Binary, and Binary Counting Sequence.

The story of Pythagoras and his denial of irrational numbers was discussed, and the existence of irrational numbers was proved using this Geogebra applet:



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