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Reflections on the mini maths camps

Monday, 27. February 2012 16:42

So we've finished our first run of ten schools (>2200 students!) and feel that we went some way towards achieving our aims of introducing the students to technology and giving them a taste of what we feel mathematics is really about.

We were suprised and pleased that there are mathematics clubs in many schools, and we tried to encourage, support and enhance these existing initiatives.  We recommended that the mathematics in these clubs should be extra curricular - e.g. games and puzzles - and left behind some resources to aid with this.

We tried to involve teachers as much as possible in these mini maths camps and discussed the possiblilty of an e-learning Masters course in Mathematics Innovation for school teachers at Maseno University.

A number of schools asked us to come back, and it is clear that we were apprectiated.  But as a volunteer group, this isn't sustainable, so what is the future of the mini maths camps?

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