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Program for the mini maths camps

Sunday, 19. February 2012 17:25


Between the introductions from the team we hope the message comes across that maths is something you can enjoy, it is a subject that you can get 100% in at school, there is so much more to mathematics than what you learn in school, computers have changed the way we do maths and computers can be used to learn mathematics.

Introduction to Maseno Maths Camp

19th -25th August

Learn how maths is used in the real world.
The beauty of mathematics - more than calculations
A whole week with access to computers.
Learn how to use new software.
Meet mathematicians and teachers from different countries.
Card games every evening


Shall we play a game? (obligatory joke about not bringing sports kit as the word 'game' is mainly used in a sports context)

Play 21's at the front and then ask students to play

What has this got to do with maths?  Maths is all about learning the rules.

First session


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Idea behind mini maths camps

Sunday, 19. February 2012 16:30

The mother of one of the students of the 1st Maseno Maths Camp telephoned the week after the camp asking what we had done to her daughter. She said that she had been round at a friend’s house every day since she got back as this friend had a computer and she wanted to carry on exploring the mathematics she had learnt. A week later, when school term started, we received a telephone call from one of the student’s teachers asking what we had done to her. The teacher asked if we could come to his school and do a one week mathematics camp there for all his students.

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources for this, but what we have decided to do is a series of ‘mini maths camps’ – half day taster sessions in schools where three of the sessions are given and the key software introduced. All the resources that we created during the week long camp will be left behind in DVD format for the school and students to use.

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Current themes

Friday, 27. January 2012 19:30

In the inaugural maths camp in 2011 we decided to structure the week according to mathematical themes.  The logic was that the themes would run through the week, with roughly one lesson per day in each theme.  This wasn't made explicit to the students, but the idea was that the lessons and activities would build up in difficulty during the week and come together at the end.

Initially this blog will describe the themes we used to introduce our students to extra curricular mathematics in 2011, and then add to these themes and develop new ones through interaction for 2012.






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