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Chance conversations

Friday, 2. March 2012 12:25

A couple of ideas for modelling in August:

An engineer travelling to London talked about having to check the harmonics for a sports stadium that was going to be used for a concert during the olympics.  You've got to be careful about the beat of the music if people are going to be jumping up and down at the same time.  Here is an article that puts this in a slightly more technical way!  Lots of potential here for a session on modelling.

Nike have designed a wristband called "Fuelband" which measures your activity and converts it into one measurement which they call NikeFuel.  The concept is that you can have a common measurement for different sports and you can record your exercise.  But how do they take your movements and convert it to one number?  It would be interesting to think about their model at the camp.  How to do it without endorsing Nike is another matter ...!


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Program for the mini maths camps

Sunday, 19. February 2012 17:25


Between the introductions from the team we hope the message comes across that maths is something you can enjoy, it is a subject that you can get 100% in at school, there is so much more to mathematics than what you learn in school, computers have changed the way we do maths and computers can be used to learn mathematics.

Introduction to Maseno Maths Camp

19th -25th August

Learn how maths is used in the real world.
The beauty of mathematics - more than calculations
A whole week with access to computers.
Learn how to use new software.
Meet mathematicians and teachers from different countries.
Card games every evening


Shall we play a game? (obligatory joke about not bringing sports kit as the word 'game' is mainly used in a sports context)

Play 21's at the front and then ask students to play

What has this got to do with maths?  Maths is all about learning the rules.

First session


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Game Theory and Modelling

Monday, 30. January 2012 11:50

This theme was probably the most fun - from Prisoners Dilemna to Monty Hall to running outside in a group trying to mimic the behaviour of swarming birds; there was certainly lots of hands on action.

Students watched a TED talk by Steven Strogatz explaining the basic rules that can be used to model how each bird flies in a swarm.

1. Only aware of your nearest neighbour
2. Fly in the same direction as your neighbour
3. Maintain the same distance from your neighbour
4. Fly away if you see a predator

Easy to understand, hard to enact!

The main idea we were trying to get across was that maths is all about sets of rules.  Once you understand the rules you can do the maths.  We played card games every evening which reinforced this idea of being able to operate within rules.


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