A one in a life time experience at African Maths Initiative

Finding something to do is the first thing that comes in the mind of every final year student once they complete their studies.  It has not been easy for me as well and I was walking around with my head filled with thoughts of the same. Luckily enough, I met people who changed my thoughts completely, to finding somewhere to learn and build skill sets: The African Maths Initiative.

It was a learning experience every day I spent time at the African Maths Initiative office working on different things. Among the things I am currently working on is the development of a climatic data management system called Climsoft. As an Information technologist, software development is one of the things you can’t avoid. It happens to be among my interests. The whole of this week, I have been tasked to come up with a demonstration of how to use Maps on a desktop application on a programming language I rarely use, Vb.Net. Through my long volunteering experience at African Maths Initiative, I have gained the trait of learning how to learn. The most invaluable skill I got now. Over the whole of this week, I have been able to accomplish the task and I feel happy to make a contribution to a mega project that will impact the whole world, everywhere the software will be used.

More to that I have been able to learn much more that will build my skill sets to make me more competent in the things I do. More to that I feel humbled to be making contributions to things that will have an impact to somebody’s life somewhere in a positive way. I hope to do much more, learn more and impact more lives.

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