The trending digital era for kids

Technology development and advancement has for long not considered the fact that there is always a group of next techies. The kids. For long enough, the kids generation- “Generation next”- has always met the computing technologies either in High schools or the universities. This led to a gap in the society since every programmer wanted to develop the complex and sophisticated Information systems and software forgetting the easy and fun things they could develop to help kids have fun.

it takes a kid a small either mobile app that says meow or a website that has animations of different cartoons to have fun and enjoy. This is one way that kids are getting involved with current trending digital era.Developing for kids is one thing that has now hit the market of kid games and apps. This is because it doesn’t take too much programming knowledge to develop cool kids apps. There exists soft wares that help in design and building of amazing apps without writing a thousand and one lines of code. One such tool is Construct2.

Construct2 is a simplified development environment that enable you create nice games within a short time as compared to other programming languages. Game apps developed in Construct2 could be ported to different platforms including Android and web based platforms. Further, to enable you build for even much more platforms, it’s really possible to import construct2 files to the amazing Intel IDE called Intel XDK which enables you build HTML5 code to multiple platforms. This is done online through their dedicated build servers.

Now that this kind of development is possible, it’s been shown time and time again that this could be used to develop fun learning apps which improve the thinking capacity of a kid. This goes a long way in creating the “unfindable jobs” as well taking technology in the next level. This in turn leads to a countries development since it banks on both the kids and the current developers.

More to this, there has been a need to introduce kids to programming, so that they could be able to create and develop all their imaginations to reality. This has been made possible by use of other even simpler development environments which enable kids understand logic and come up with amazing creations of their own. One of the most popular of these is Scratch, which was developed in MIT.

It is evident that this field that relate to kids and tech is gradually taking shape in Africa. Personally, I have taken the initiative to teach kids programming using these tools. Starting from Maseno Maths Camp 2015, where I delivered programming sessions on scratch, I am on the frontline in support of sharing this content to other people who will in turn I believe, teach others. Having this chain of sharing knowledge, I am confident and really certain that in a couple of years we will have the type of computer gurus we always want.

A simple advice for fellow programmers out there, next time you think of developing software, take time and think about the potential that exists in developing for kids.

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