In August 2015, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the African Maths Initiatives in it's 5Th Maseno University Maths Camp. After a brief introduction and orientation, we learned our assignment: preparing lesson plans, facilitating sessions, presenting new ideas etc. I took up a lesson in statistics together with Antonia.
At the camp , I knew that all the lessons were to promote mathematics interest among high kids. This was an important component given the positive correlation between mathematical literacy and economic growth. The generation of students who were to be reached through this camp would thus act as change agents who will contribute positively to national development in whatever fields they choose to follow.
The opportunity to be a volunteer helped me to really understand the role I’m and should be playing in promoting mathematical literacy among school going kids.
Volunteering at the AMI highlighted to me something that's crucial for the success of any project : a sense of community spirit and team work, critical impact assessment of projects programs, proper and timely planning etc.
The people involved with AMI truly cared about what they did. We worked hard, challenged ourselves, but most of all we knew that what we’re doing can have a great impact on individual cognitive growth and eventually national development . It's through these small but noble efforts that we shall be able to transform this world by simply promoting interests in Maths. Have a thoughtful day, won't you?


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