I was recently engaged in a constructive debate with a friend about the adoption of technology in teaching when I shared with him my experience at AMI and how it has been able to integrate technology in mathematical education. He tried to put across an important point that Kenya and Africa is not ready for technological teaching due to such limitations as internet infrastructure, high cost of tech gadgets and limited capacity of educators in ICT.

While it is true that these challenges exist from the primary to the tertiary levels it is misleading to generalize this to be the case across Kenya and Africa. In my university life experience simple gadgets such as android phones ( which interestingly a considerable percentage of students own) changed the conventional modes of studying, delivery and research among students and lecturers. It is from these simple gadgets that we could access reading materials from various sites, hand in assignments, record role plays and simulations for class presentation among others.

Simple gadgets can be used by educators in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. However, there is a need to progressively continue building the capacity of educators in ICT in order to enable them to transfer this knowledge to their students. Have a thoughtful day, won't you?

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