I reluctantly joined face book in 2010. Previously, I didn’t see the point of connecting with people online. Indeed I saw it as a time waster and a destructor from my studies. My perception on social media platforms changed completely in 2011 with the advent of the Arab Revolution in North Africa and the Middle East. A simple but powerful tweet by Mohammed El Barade on January 13 2011, “Tunisia: Repression + absence of social justice + denial of channels for peaceful change= ticking time bomb” made me rethink the power of social media after such tweets and other face book posts led to a series of political changes in the Arab world.
It’s during this period that I joined twitter. I became a proactive user dwelling on a wide range of issues including advocacy, participating in twitter forums on various issues including education, politics, global governance, health among others. To this day, I have been using these platforms for such purposes.
During the previous two weeks I have been actively involved in administering the African Maths Initiative face book, twitter and Instagram social media accounts and blogging. From my experience with this I have learnt that the power of twitter is not telling people what you are doing. What impacts more is telling people what you think, what you passionately care about and getting others to join me in improving the existing conditions in the world.
The efforts of the team members to constantly post about our African Data Initiative campaign, why they care about it has in a way helped illuminate the campaign to different persons and groups around the world. Even though the support in Kenya has been increasing at a rather slow pace, I believe that these platforms remain one of the best ways to connect with our supporters and followers from the world over in advocacy, education, empowerment, exchange of ideas or any other ways.
I wish you fruitful debates on tweeter and other social media platforms.

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